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Krebs, of Hosbach

Grandpa Joe’s mother was Louise Krebs. She was born in rural Ohio in 1852 to parents Adam Krebs and Barbara Weisend. (If anyone out there has a photo of Adam or Barbara, I would most appreciate seeing it.)

Louise moved to Carlyle, Illinois with her parents, where she met and then —  for better or worse for her part – married Henry J. Berger and bore him no less than nine children over the course of a decade and a half. As we know, Henry ran out on her and the kids. Louise remarried, in about 1906 or so, to one Mr. Robey, of St. Louis, where she lived out her days. I can find no other information about her.

Here is a photo of Louise:

Grandma Roby quote-unquote, note on back of photo


The woman in this photo, who is eerily reminiscent of Sally, was my/ our great-great grandmother Louise Krebs, (1852-1921). This image is from Grandma Dorothy’s photo album. It was labeled on the backside with the mysterious note “Grandma Robey”, marking her one of the unidentifiable mystery ancestors. Not until years after seeing this photo in Grandma Dorothy’s album was I able to understand make the connection.

I will be honest and state that we Grandpa Joe descendants need to do more original research on Louise’s paternal (Krebs) ancestors. Most of what I know about the life and lineage of Louise’s father, Adam Krebs, I have learned from others. So all I have is second-hand. According to one researcher, Adam was born in Hosbach, a village just east of the famous town of Aschaffenburg and about 27 miles/ 45 kilometers east of Frankfurt.  But, I have not been able to confirm this myself – meanwhile, another researcher identifies Adam as coming from the North Palatinate village of Niederhausen. So, for the eager, this is an opportunity for some original discovery.

In any event, Adam may be the same one immigrating to the US in 1838. He moved to Monroe County, Ohio.[1]  He was obviously skilled, as in the 1850 Census he was listed as “weaver” in  Miltonsburg, Ohio. He later moved the family to Carlyle, where he bought and worked a farm. Adam appears as a sponsor for Grandpa Joe’s baptism in 1880. He last lived in St. Louis, with his daughter Lizzita and her family, until he died in 1906.

For point of reference, our chain of descent in the Krebs family line was: Adam Krebs —> Louise Krebs —> Grandpa Joe —> Grandma Dorothy.


[1]      See also the Miltonsburg Project:




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